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-After making sure LDC and its runtime are up to date, use
+We have two different test sets. For the test drivers
+you need do compile the .d files in this folder with
+a Phobos D compiler.
+To run the 'mini' test suite run
+To run the DStress based tests execute
 ./runtest tmp-sensible-name
-to run tests for LDC.
-Move into reference/ subfolder and add to svn if desired.
-./findregressions old-test-resultfile tmp-sensible-name
-to find changes.
-Recommended for comparing to DMD:
-./findregressions reference/dmd-version ldc-something | grep -v "PASS -> XFAIL" | sort > tmp-new-regressions
+and then use 
+./findregressions old-results new-results 
+to display a list of regressions. You can
+download old result files from