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Fix field access from inline asm. See tests/mini/asm10.d
author Frits van Bommel <fvbommel>
date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 23:48:43 +0100
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#ifndef __LDC_GEN_ABI_H__
#define __LDC_GEN_ABI_H__

#include <vector>

struct Type;
struct IrFuncTyArg;
struct DValue;

namespace llvm
    class Type;
    class Value;

// return rewrite rule
struct ABIRewrite
    /// get a rewritten value back to its original form
    virtual LLValue* get(Type* dty, DValue* v) = 0;

    /// get a rewritten value back to its original form and store result in provided lvalue
    /// this one is optional and defaults to calling the one above
    virtual void getL(Type* dty, DValue* v, llvm::Value* lval);

    /// put out rewritten value
    virtual LLValue* put(Type* dty, DValue* v) = 0;

    /// should return the transformed type for this rewrite
    virtual const LLType* type(Type* dty, const LLType* t) = 0;

// interface called by codegen
struct TargetABI
    static TargetABI* getTarget();

    virtual void newFunctionType(TypeFunction* tf) {}
    virtual bool returnInArg(TypeFunction* tf) = 0;
    virtual bool passByVal(Type* t) = 0;
    virtual void doneWithFunctionType() {}

    virtual void rewriteFunctionType(TypeFunction* t) = 0;