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Added type param to DVarValue as DMD sometimes overrides the type of the VarDeclaration. Added support for align(1)/packed structs, other alignments are still ignored. Fixed some problems with accessing lazy arguments.
author Tomas Lindquist Olsen <>
date Wed, 30 Jul 2008 10:12:55 +0200
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echo "removing old objects"
mkdir -p obj
rm -f obj/*.bc
rm -f ../lib/*.bc

LLVMDCFLAGS="-c -odobj -g"
REBUILDFLAGS="-dc=llvmdc-posix-internal -c -oqobj -g"

echo "compiling contract runtime"
llvmdc internal/contract.d -c -of../lib/llvmdcore.bc -noruntime || exit 1

echo "compiling common runtime"
rebuild internal/arrays.d \
        internal/mem.d \
        $REBUILDFLAGS || exit 1

echo "compiling module init backend"
llvm-as -f -o=obj/moduleinit_backend.bc internal/moduleinit_backend.ll || exit 1
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc `ls obj/internal.*.bc` ../lib/llvmdcore.bc obj/moduleinit_backend.bc || exit 1

echo "compiling typeinfo 1"
rebuild typeinfos1.d $REBUILDFLAGS || exit 1
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc `ls obj/typeinfo1.*.bc` ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1

echo "compiling typeinfo 2"
rebuild typeinfos2.d $REBUILDFLAGS || exit 1
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc `ls obj/typeinfo2.*.bc` ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1

echo "compiling object/interface casting runtime support"
llvmdc internal/cast.d $LLVMDCFLAGS || exit 1
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc obj/cast.bc ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1

echo "compiling string foreach/switch runtime support"
llvmdc internal/aApply.d $LLVMDCFLAGS || exit 1
llvmdc internal/aApplyR.d $LLVMDCFLAGS || exit 1
llvmdc internal/switch.d $LLVMDCFLAGS || exit 1
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc obj/aApply.bc obj/aApplyR.bc obj/switch.bc ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1

echo "compiling array runtime support"
llvmdc internal/qsort2.d $LLVMDCFLAGS || exit 1
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc obj/qsort2.bc ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1
llvmdc internal/adi.d $LLVMDCFLAGS || exit 1
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc obj/adi.bc ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1
llvmdc internal/aaA.d $LLVMDCFLAGS || exit 1
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc obj/aaA.bc ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1

echo "compiling object implementation"
llvmdc internal/objectimpl.d $LLVMDCFLAGS || exit 1
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc obj/objectimpl.bc ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1

echo "compiling llvm runtime support"
rebuild llvmsupport.d $REBUILDFLAGS || exit 1
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc `ls obj/llvm.*.bc` ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1

echo "compiling garbage collector"
llvmdc gc/gclinux.d $LLVMDCFLAGS || exit 1
llvmdc gc/gcx.d $LLVMDCFLAGS -Igc || exit 1
llvmdc gc/gcbits.d $LLVMDCFLAGS -Igc || exit 1
llvmdc gc/gc.d $LLVMDCFLAGS -Igc || exit 1
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc obj/gclinux.bc obj/gcx.bc obj/gcbits.bc obj/gc.bc ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1

echo "compiling phobos"
rebuild phobos.d $REBUILDFLAGS || exit 1
echo "linking phobos"
llvm-link -f -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc `ls obj/std.*.bc` ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1

echo "optimizing"
opt -f -std-compile-opts -o=../lib/llvmdcore.bc ../lib/llvmdcore.bc || exit 1

echo "SUCCESS"