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Some calling convention work for x86-64: - Implement x86-64 extern(C), hopefully correctly. - Tried to be a bit smarter about extern(D) while I was there. Interestingly, this code seems to be generating more efficient code than gcc and llvm-gcc in some edge cases, like returning a `{ [7 x i8] }` loaded from a stack slot from an extern(C) function. (gcc generates 7 1-byte loads, while this code generates a 4-byte, a 2-byte and a 1-byte load) I also added some changes to make sure structs being returned from functions or passed in as parameters are stored in memory where the rest of the backend seems to expect them to be. These should be removed when support for first-class aggregates improves.
author Frits van Bommel <fvbommel>
date Fri, 06 Mar 2009 16:00:47 +0100
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#ifndef __LDC_GEN_ABI_X86_64_H__
#define __LDC_GEN_ABI_X86_64_H__

#include "gen/abi.h"

TargetABI* getX86_64TargetABI();