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#include "ir/ir.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h"

#include <vector>

struct ABIRewrite;
namespace llvm {
    class Type;
    class Value;
    class Instruction;
    class Function;

// represents a function type argument
// both explicit and implicit as well as return values
struct IrFuncTyArg : IrBase
    /** This is the original D type as the frontend knows it
     *  May NOT be rewritten!!! */
    Type* type;

    /// This is the final LLVM Type used for the parameter/return value type
    const llvm::Type* ltype;

    /** These are the final LLVM attributes used for the function.
     *  Must be valid for the LLVM Type and byref setting */
    unsigned attrs;

    /** 'true' if the final LLVM argument is a LLVM reference type.
     *  Must be true when the D Type is a value type, but the final
     *  LLVM Type is a reference type! */
    bool byref;

    /** Pointer to the ABIRewrite structure needed to rewrite LLVM ValueS
     *  to match the final LLVM Type when passing arguments and getting
     *  return values */
    ABIRewrite* rewrite;

    /// Helper to check if the 'inreg' attribute is set
    bool isInReg() const;
    /// Helper to check if the 'sret' attribute is set
    bool isSRet() const;
    /// Helper to check if the 'byval' attribute is set
    bool isByVal() const;

    /** @param t D type of argument/return value as known by the frontend
     *  @param byref Initial value for the 'byref' field. If true the initial
     *               LLVM Type will be of DtoType(type->pointerTo()), instead
     *               of just DtoType(type) */
    IrFuncTyArg(Type* t, bool byref, unsigned a = 0);

// represents a function type
struct IrFuncTy : IrBase
    // return value
    IrFuncTyArg* ret;

    // null if not applicable
    IrFuncTyArg* arg_sret;
    IrFuncTyArg* arg_this;
    IrFuncTyArg* arg_nest;
    IrFuncTyArg* arg_arguments;
    IrFuncTyArg* arg_argptr;

    // normal explicit arguments
//    typedef llvm::SmallVector<IrFuncTyArg*, 4> ArgList;
    typedef std::vector<IrFuncTyArg*> ArgList;
    typedef ArgList::iterator ArgIter;
    ArgList args;

    // C varargs
    bool c_vararg;

    // range of normal parameters to reverse
    bool reverseParams;

    :   ret(NULL),
    void reset() {
        ret = NULL;
        arg_sret = arg_this = arg_nest = arg_arguments = arg_argptr = NULL;
        c_vararg = false;
        reverseParams = false;

    llvm::Value* putRet(Type* dty, DValue* dval);
    llvm::Value* getRet(Type* dty, DValue* dval);

    llvm::Value* putParam(Type* dty, int idx, DValue* dval);
    llvm::Value* getParam(Type* dty, int idx, DValue* dval);
    void getParam(Type* dty, int idx, DValue* dval, llvm::Value* lval);