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// Copyright (c) 1999-2009 by Digital Mars
// All Rights Reserved
// written by Walter Bright

#ifndef PORT_H
#define PORT_H

// Portable wrapper around compiler/system specific things.
// The idea is to minimize #ifdef's in the app code.

#ifndef TYPEDEFS
#define TYPEDEFS

#include <wchar.h>

#if _MSC_VER
typedef __int64 longlong;
typedef unsigned __int64 ulonglong;

// According to VC 8.0 docs, long double is the same as double
#define strtold strtod
#define strtof  strtod

typedef long long longlong;
typedef unsigned long long ulonglong;


typedef double d_time;

struct Port
    static double nan;
    static double infinity;
    static double dbl_max;
    static double dbl_min;
    static long double ldbl_max;

#if __GNUC__
    // These conflict with macros in math.h, should rename them
    #undef isnan
    #undef isfinite
    #undef isinfinity
    #undef signbit
    static int isNan(double);
    static int isNan(long double);

    static int isSignallingNan(double);
    static int isSignallingNan(long double);

    static int isFinite(double);
    static int isInfinity(double);
    static int Signbit(double);

    static double floor(double);
    static double pow(double x, double y);

    static ulonglong strtoull(const char *p, char **pend, int base);

    static char *ull_to_string(char *buffer, ulonglong ull);
    static wchar_t *ull_to_string(wchar_t *buffer, ulonglong ull);

    // Convert ulonglong to double
    static double ull_to_double(ulonglong ull);

    // Get locale-dependent list separator
    static const char *list_separator();
    static const wchar_t *wlist_separator();

    static char *strupr(char *);