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An attempt (failed due to optlink) to improve locality of declarations exported from QtD executables Q_CLASSINFO implementation Now Qtd can be built on Windows
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import qt.gui.QWidget;
import qt.gui.QSlider;
import qt.gui.QHBoxLayout;

import glwidget;
import std.stdio;

class Window : public QWidget
            glWidget = new GLWidget;

            xSlider = createSlider();
            ySlider = createSlider();
            zSlider = createSlider();

            connect(xSlider, "valueChanged", glWidget, "setXRotation");
            connect(glWidget, "xRotationChanged", xSlider, "setValue");
            connect(ySlider, "valueChanged", glWidget, "setYRotation");
            connect(glWidget, "yRotationChanged", ySlider, "setValue");
            connect(zSlider, "valueChanged", glWidget, "setZRotation");
            connect(glWidget, "zRotationChanged", zSlider, "setValue");

            QHBoxLayout mainLayout = new QHBoxLayout;

            xSlider.setValue(15 * 16);
            ySlider.setValue(345 * 16);
            zSlider.setValue(0 * 16);
            setWindowTitle(tr("Hello GL"));

        QSlider createSlider()
            auto slider = new QSlider(Qt.Vertical);
            slider.setRange(0, 360 * 16);
            slider.setPageStep(15 * 16);
            slider.setTickInterval(15 * 16);
            return slider;

        GLWidget glWidget;
        QSlider xSlider;
        QSlider ySlider;
        QSlider zSlider;

        mixin Q_OBJECT;