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date Sun, 03 Jan 2010 12:40:51 +0000
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changes since 0.1

 * lots of bugs fixed
 * brand new signals implementation by Max Samukha
 * switch to Qt 4.5
 * support for ldc (both X86 and X86-64)
 * all imports inside Qt are public to avoid import hell
 * API dealing with containers is now wrapped
 * building system is now based on CMake to be crossplatform and more flexible
 * all classes from Gui, OpenGL, Xml, Svg, Network and Webkit packages are wrapped
 * ported duic, the tool for generating code out from xml representation
 * ported drcc, the resources compiler
 changes since 0.2

 * D2 port
 * new CMake module for D
 * support for MSVC
 * Rewritten signals and slots implementation. Now integrates nicely into Qt metasystem