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Fixed generator segfaults on OS X 10.6. Regarding the change to dgenerator.cpp, I am not actually sure if 0 is the correct value to pass, but it seems to work and the code which had been there before was just plain incorrect ? it read past the list boundaries.
author David Nadlinger <>
date Sat, 28 Aug 2010 02:55:55 +0200
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Before 0.3 release

1) Move nested classes into host classes they belong to
2) connectSlotsByName
3) docs
4) remove deprecated methods (as many as possible)
5) remove mangling of const methods - always reimplement them in D - to reduce binaries size at least a little bit
6) QList!(IQGraphicsItem)
7) const correct QMetaObject (QObject.metaObject() should be const?)
8) fix duic once value types are implemented as structs and add connectSlotsByName call