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#include "generator.h"
#include "metajava.h"
#include "prigenerator.h"

class CppGenerator : public Generator

    static inline QString subDirectoryForPackage(const QString &package) {
        return QLatin1String("cpp/") + QString(package).replace(".", "_");

    virtual QString subDirectoryForClass(const AbstractMetaClass *cls) const
        return subDirectoryForPackage(cls->package()) + "/";

    static QString fixNormalizedSignatureForQt(const QString &signature);
    static void writeTypeInfo(QTextStream &s, const AbstractMetaType *type, Option option = NoOption);
    static void writeFunctionSignature(QTextStream &s, const AbstractMetaFunction *java_function,
                                const AbstractMetaClass *implementor = 0,
                                const QString &name_prefix = QString(),
                                Option option = NoOption,
                                const QString &classname_prefix = QString(),
                                const QStringList &extra_arguments = QStringList(),
                                int numArguments = -1);
    static void writeFunctionArguments(QTextStream &s, const AbstractMetaArgumentList &arguments,
                                Option option = NoOption,
                                int numArguments = -1);
    static void writeInclude(QTextStream &s, Include inc);

    QString signalWrapperPrefix() const { return "__qt_signalwrapper_"; }

    bool shouldGenerate(const AbstractMetaClass *java_class) const {
        return (!java_class->isNamespace() || java_class->functionsInTargetLang().size() > 0) && !java_class->isInterface()
            && !java_class->typeEntry()->isVariant()
            && (java_class->typeEntry()->codeGeneration() & TypeEntry::GenerateCpp)
            && !(java_class->attributes() & AbstractMetaAttributes::Fake);

    static QString shellClassName(const AbstractMetaClass *java_class) {
        return java_class->generateShellClass()
               ? java_class->name() + "_QtDShell"
               : java_class->qualifiedCppName();

    PriGenerator *priGenerator;