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[svn r90] Major updates to the gen directory. Redesigned the 'elem' struct. Much more... !!! Lots of bugfixes. Added support for special foreach on strings. Added std.array, std.utf, std.ctype and std.uni to phobos. Changed all the .c files in the gen dir to .cpp (it *is* C++ after all)
author lindquist
date Sat, 03 Nov 2007 14:44:58 +0100
line wrap: on
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module bug49;

pragma(LLVM_internal, "notypeinfo")
struct S
    int i;
    long l;

void main()
    S s;
    s.i = 0x__FFFF_FF00;
    s.l = 0xFF00FF_FF00;
    s.i &= s.l;