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GC defines and linkage changes.
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date Thu, 08 Jan 2009 18:20:02 +0100
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#include "ir/ir.h"
#include "statement.h"

#include <deque>
#include <stack>

// only to be used within IRLandingPad
// holds information about a single catch or finally
struct IRLandingPadInfo
    // default constructor for being able to store in a vector
    : target(NULL), finallyBody(NULL), catchType(NULL)

    // constructor for catch
    IRLandingPadInfo(Catch* catchstmt, llvm::BasicBlock* end);

    // constructor for finally
    IRLandingPadInfo(Statement* finallystmt);

    // the target catch bb if this is a catch
    // or the target finally bb if this is a finally
    llvm::BasicBlock* target;

    // nonzero if this is a finally
    Statement* finallyBody;

    // nonzero if this is a catch
    ClassDeclaration* catchType;

// holds information about all possible catch and finally actions
// and can emit landing pads to be called from the unwind runtime
struct IRLandingPad
    IRLandingPad() : catch_var(NULL) {}

    // builds a new landing pad according to given infos
    // and the ones on the stack. also stores it as invoke target
    void push(llvm::BasicBlock* inBB);

    // add catch information, will be used in next call to push
    void addCatch(Catch* catchstmt, llvm::BasicBlock* end);
    // add finally information, will be used in next call to push
    void addFinally(Statement* finallystmt);

    // pops the most recently constructed landing pad bb
    // and its infos
    void pop();

    // gets the current landing pad
    llvm::BasicBlock* get();

    // creates or gets storage for exception object
    LLValue* getExceptionStorage();

    // constructs the landing pad from infos
    void constructLandingPad(llvm::BasicBlock* inBB);

    // information needed to create landing pads
    std::deque<IRLandingPadInfo> infos;
    std::deque<IRLandingPadInfo> unpushed_infos;

    // the number of infos we had before the push
    std::stack<size_t> nInfos;

    // the target for invokes
    std::stack<llvm::BasicBlock*> padBBs;

    // associate increasing ints with each unique classdecl encountered
    std::map<ClassDeclaration*, int> catchToInt;

    // storage for the catch variable
    LLValue* catch_var;