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Added Doxygen file. Completely seperated type and symbol generation. Should fix a lot of bugs, but is not yet 100% complete.
author Tomas Lindquist Olsen <tomas.l.olsen>
date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 20:06:25 +0200
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#include "gen/structs.h"

/// Resolves the llvm type for a class declaration
void DtoResolveClass(ClassDeclaration* cd);

/// Provides the llvm declaration for a class declaration
void DtoDeclareClass(ClassDeclaration* cd);

/// Constructs the constant initializer for a class declaration
void DtoConstInitClass(ClassDeclaration* cd);

/// Provides the llvm definition for a class declaration
void DtoDefineClass(ClassDeclaration* cd);

/// Builds the initializer of cd's ClassInfo.
/// FIXME: this should be put into IrStruct and eventually IrClass.
LLConstant* DtoDefineClassInfo(ClassDeclaration* cd);

DValue* DtoNewClass(Loc loc, TypeClass* type, NewExp* newexp);
void DtoInitClass(TypeClass* tc, LLValue* dst);
DValue* DtoCallClassCtor(TypeClass* type, CtorDeclaration* ctor, Array* arguments, LLValue* mem);
void DtoFinalizeClass(LLValue* inst);

DValue* DtoCastClass(DValue* val, Type* to);
DValue* DtoDynamicCastObject(DValue* val, Type* to);

DValue* DtoCastInterfaceToObject(DValue* val, Type* to);
DValue* DtoDynamicCastInterface(DValue* val, Type* to);

LLValue* DtoIndexClass(LLValue* src, ClassDeclaration* sd, VarDeclaration* vd);

LLValue* DtoVirtualFunctionPointer(DValue* inst, FuncDeclaration* fdecl);