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[svn r135] * Merged DMD 1.025 * * Fixed a minor linking order mishap * * Added an command line option -annotate * * Fixed some problems with running optimizations * * Added std.stdio and dependencies to lphobos (still not 100% working, but compiles and links) * * Fixed problems with passing aggregate types to variadic functions * * Added initial code towards full GC support, currently based on malloc and friends, not all the runtime calls the GC yet for memory * * Fixed problems with resolving nested function context pointers for some heavily nested cases * * Redid function argument passing + other minor code cleanups, still lots to do on this end... *
author lindquist
date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 01:38:42 +0100
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module stdiotest;

import std.stdio;

T typed(T)(T x)
    return x;

void main()
    /*char[] str = "hello";

    writefln("hello world");*/

    char[] fmt = "%s";

    {writefln("%f", typed!(float)(6));}
    {writefln("%f", typed!(double)(7));}
    {writefln("%f", typed!(real)(8));}*/