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Update to work with LLVM 2.7. Removed use of dyn_cast, llvm no compiles without exceptions and rtti by default. We do need exceptions for the libconfig stuff, but rtti isn't necessary (anymore). Debug info needs to be rewritten, as in LLVM 2.7 the format has completely changed. To have something to look at while rewriting, the old code has been wrapped inside #ifndef DISABLE_DEBUG_INFO , this means that you have to define this to compile at the moment. Updated tango 0.99.9 patch to include updated EH runtime code, which is needed for LLVM 2.7 as well.
author Tomas Lindquist Olsen
date Wed, 19 May 2010 12:42:32 +0200
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#include <string>

#include "llvm/Support/CommandLine.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Compiler.h"

struct Array;

namespace opts {
    namespace cl = llvm::cl;

    /// Helper class for fancier options
    class FlagParser : public cl::parser<bool> {
        std::vector<std::pair<std::string, bool> > switches;
        template <class Opt>
        void initialize(Opt &O) {
            std::string Name = O.ArgStr;
            switches.push_back(make_pair("enable-" + Name, true));
            switches.push_back(make_pair("disable-" + Name, false));
            // Replace <foo> with -enable-<foo>
            O.ArgStr = switches[0];

        bool parse(cl::Option &O, llvm::StringRef ArgName, llvm::StringRef ArgValue, bool &Val);

        void getExtraOptionNames(llvm::SmallVectorImpl<const char*> &Names);

    /// Helper class for options that set multiple flags
    class MultiSetter {
        std::vector<bool*> locations;
        bool invert;
        MultiSetter(bool); //not implemented, disable auto-conversion
        MultiSetter(bool invert, bool* p, ...) END_WITH_NULL;

        void operator=(bool val);

    /// Helper class to fill Array with char* when given strings
    /// (Errors on empty strings)
    class ArrayAdapter {
        const char* name;
        Array** arrp;
        ArrayAdapter(const char* name_, Array*& arr) {
            name = name_;
            arrp = &arr;

        void push_back(const char* cstr);

        void push_back(const std::string& str) {

    /// Helper class to allow use of a parser<bool> with BoolOrDefault
    class BoolOrDefaultAdapter {
        cl::boolOrDefault value;
        operator cl::boolOrDefault() {
            return value;

        void operator=(cl::boolOrDefault val) {
            value = val;

        void operator=(bool val) {
            *this = (val ? cl::BOU_TRUE : cl::BOU_FALSE);