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Backed out changeset [369996c08420]. The argument and order dependent numbering of static ctors/dtors generally doesn't matter because other modules shouldn't reference their symbols. The next changeset will fix a LDC bug that caused such references within ModuleInfo.
author Christian Kamm <kamm incasoftware de>
date Sun, 15 Feb 2009 14:50:33 +0100
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// Compiler implementation of the D programming language
// Copyright (c) 1999-2008 by Digital Mars
// All Rights Reserved
// written by Walter Bright
// License for redistribution is by either the Artistic License
// in artistic.txt, or the GNU General Public License in gnu.txt.
// See the included readme.txt for details.

#ifndef DMD_MODULE_H
#define DMD_MODULE_H

#ifdef __DMC__
#pragma once
#endif /* __DMC__ */

#include "root.h"
#include "dsymbol.h"

struct ModuleInfoDeclaration;
struct ClassDeclaration;
struct ModuleDeclaration;
struct Macro;
struct Escape;
struct VarDeclaration;
struct Library;

// Back end
struct DValue;
typedef DValue elem;
#ifdef IN_GCC
union tree_node; typedef union tree_node elem;
struct elem;

struct Package : ScopeDsymbol
    Package(Identifier *ident);
    const char *kind();

    static DsymbolTable *resolve(Array *packages, Dsymbol **pparent, Package **ppkg);

    Package *isPackage() { return this; }

    virtual void semantic(Scope *sc) { }

struct Module : Package
    static Module *rootModule;
    static DsymbolTable *modules;	// symbol table of all modules
    static Array amodules;		// array of all modules
    static Array deferred;	// deferred Dsymbol's needing semantic() run on them
    static unsigned dprogress;	// progress resolving the deferred list
    static void init();

    static ClassDeclaration *moduleinfo;

    const char *arg;	// original argument name
    ModuleDeclaration *md; // if !NULL, the contents of the ModuleDeclaration declaration
    File *srcfile;	// input source file

    File *objfile; // output object file
    File *docfile; // output doc file
    File *hdrfile; // output hdr file
    unsigned errors;	// if any errors in file
    unsigned numlines;	// number of lines in source file
    int isHtml;		// if it is an HTML file
    int isDocFile;	// if it is a documentation input file, not D source
    int needmoduleinfo;
#ifdef IN_GCC
    int strictlyneedmoduleinfo;

    int insearch;
    Identifier *searchCacheIdent;
    Dsymbol *searchCacheSymbol;	// cached value of search
    int searchCacheFlags;	// cached flags

    int semanticstarted;	// has semantic() been started?
    int semanticdone;		// has semantic() been done?
    int root;			// != 0 if this is a 'root' module,
				// i.e. a module that will be taken all the
				// way to an object file
    Module *importedFrom;	// module from command line we're imported from,
				// i.e. a module that will be taken all the
				// way to an object file

    Array *decldefs;		// top level declarations for this Module

    Array aimports;		// all imported modules

    ModuleInfoDeclaration *vmoduleinfo;

    unsigned debuglevel;	// debug level
    Array *debugids;		// debug identifiers
    Array *debugidsNot;		// forward referenced debug identifiers

    unsigned versionlevel;	// version level
    Array *versionids;		// version identifiers
    Array *versionidsNot;	// forward referenced version identifiers

    Macro *macrotable;		// document comment macros
    struct Escape *escapetable;	// document comment escapes

    int doDocComment;		// enable generating doc comments for this module
    int doHdrGen;		// enable generating header file for this module

    Module(char *arg, Identifier *ident, int doDocComment, int doHdrGen);

    static Module *load(Loc loc, Array *packages, Identifier *ident);

    void toCBuffer(OutBuffer *buf, HdrGenState *hgs);
    const char *kind();
    void read(Loc loc);	// read file
#if IN_GCC
    void parse(bool dump_source = false);	// syntactic parse
    void parse();	// syntactic parse
    void semantic(Scope* unused_sc = NULL);	// semantic analysis
    void semantic2(Scope* unused_sc = NULL);	// pass 2 semantic analysis
    void semantic3(Scope* unused_sc = NULL);	// pass 3 semantic analysis
    void inlineScan();	// scan for functions to inline
#ifdef _DH
    void genhdrfile();  // generate D import file
    void genobjfile(int multiobj);
//    void gensymfile();
    void gendocfile();
    int needModuleInfo();
    Dsymbol *search(Loc loc, Identifier *ident, int flags);
    void deleteObjFile();
    void addDeferredSemantic(Dsymbol *s);
    void runDeferredSemantic();
    int imports(Module *m);

    // Back end

    int doppelganger;		// sub-module
    Symbol *cov;		// private uint[] __coverage;
    unsigned *covb;		// bit array of valid code line numbers

    Symbol *sictor;		// module order independent constructor
    Symbol *sctor;		// module constructor
    Symbol *sdtor;		// module destructor
    Symbol *stest;		// module unit test

    Symbol *sfilename;		// symbol for filename

    Symbol *massert;		// module assert function
    Symbol *toModuleAssert();	// get module assert function

    Symbol *marray;		// module array bounds function
    Symbol *toModuleArray();	// get module array bounds function

    static Symbol *gencritsec();
    elem *toEfilename();
    elem *toEmodulename();

    Symbol *toSymbol();
    void genmoduleinfo();

    // LDC
    void buildTargetFiles();
    File* buildFilePath(char* forcename, char* path, char* ext);
    Module *isModule() { return this; }
    bool llvmForceLogging;

    // array ops emitted in this module already
    StringTable arrayfuncs;

struct ModuleDeclaration
    Identifier *id;
    Array *packages;		// array of Identifier's representing packages

    ModuleDeclaration(Array *packages, Identifier *id);

    char *toChars();

#endif /* DMD_MODULE_H */