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Some minor cleanups * remove an #ifdef USE_METADATA I accidently left in * remove now unneeded llvm-version includes * fix indentation in metadata.h * prevent the "Found native target" message from interrupting ccmake
author Benjamin Kramer <>
date Mon, 20 Jul 2009 18:16:11 +0200
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// MDNode was moved into its own header, and contains Value*s
#include "llvm/MDNode.h"
typedef llvm::Value MDNodeField;

// Use getNumElements() and getElement() to access elements.
inline unsigned MD_GetNumElements(llvm::MDNode* N) {
    return N->getNumElements();

inline MDNodeField* MD_GetElement(llvm::MDNode* N, unsigned i) {
    return N->getElement(i);

#define METADATA_LINKAGE_TYPE  llvm::GlobalValue::WeakODRLinkage

// *** Metadata for TypeInfo instances ***
#define TD_PREFIX "llvm.ldc.typeinfo."

/// The fields in the metadata node for a TypeInfo instance.
/// (Its name will be TD_PREFIX ~ <Name of TypeInfo global>)
enum TypeDataFields {
    TD_Confirm,     /// The TypeInfo this node is for.
    TD_Type,        /// A value of the LLVM type corresponding to this D type
    // Must be kept last:
    TD_NumFields    /// The number of fields in TypeInfo metadata

// *** Metadata for ClassInfo instances ***
#define CD_PREFIX "llvm.ldc.classinfo."

/// The fields in the metadata node for a ClassInfo instance.
/// (Its name will be CD_PREFIX ~ <Name of ClassInfo global>)
enum ClassDataFields {
    CD_BodyType,    /// A value of the LLVM type corresponding to the class body.
    CD_Finalize,    /// True if this class (or a base class) has a destructor.
    CD_CustomDelete,/// True if this class has an overridden delete operator.
    // Must be kept last
    CD_NumFields    /// The number of fields in ClassInfo metadata