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struct StructInitializer;

/// Generate code for the struct.
void DtoResolveStruct(StructDeclaration* sd);

/// Build constant struct initializer.
LLConstant* DtoConstStructInitializer(StructInitializer* si);

/// Build values for a struct literal.
std::vector<llvm::Value*> DtoStructLiteralValues(const StructDeclaration* sd, const std::vector<llvm::Value*>& inits);

/// Returns a boolean=true if the two structs are equal.
LLValue* DtoStructEquals(TOK op, DValue* lhs, DValue* rhs);

/// index a struct one level
LLValue* DtoIndexStruct(LLValue* src, StructDeclaration* sd, VarDeclaration* vd);

/// Return the type returned by DtoUnpaddedStruct called on a value of the
/// specified type.
/// Union types will get expanded into a struct, with a type for each member.
LLType* DtoUnpaddedStructType(Type* dty);

/// Return the struct value represented by v without the padding fields.
/// Unions will be expanded, with a value for each member.
/// Note: v must be a pointer to a struct, but the return value will be a
///       first-class struct value.
LLValue* DtoUnpaddedStruct(Type* dty, LLValue* v);

/// Undo the transformation performed by DtoUnpaddedStruct, writing to lval.
void DtoPaddedStruct(Type* dty, LLValue* v, LLValue* lval);