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author Christian Kamm <kamm incasoftware de>
date Mon, 08 Mar 2010 20:06:08 +0100
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#include "gen/llvmhelpers.h"
#include "gen/tollvm.h"
#include "gen/structs.h"

/// Removes padding fields for (non-union-containing!) structs
struct RemoveStructPadding : ABIRewrite {
    /// get a rewritten value back to its original form
    virtual LLValue* get(Type* dty, DValue* v) {
        LLValue* lval = DtoAlloca(dty, ".rewritetmp");
        // Make sure the padding is zero, so struct comparisons work.
        // TODO: Only do this if there's padding, and/or only initialize padding.
        DtoMemSetZero(lval, DtoConstSize_t(getTypePaddedSize(DtoType(dty))));
        DtoPaddedStruct(dty, v->getRVal(), lval);
        return lval;

    /// get a rewritten value back to its original form and store result in provided lvalue
    /// this one is optional and defaults to calling the one above
    virtual void getL(Type* dty, DValue* v, llvm::Value* lval) {
        DtoPaddedStruct(dty, v->getRVal(), lval);

    /// put out rewritten value
    virtual LLValue* put(Type* dty, DValue* v) {
        return DtoUnpaddedStruct(dty, v->getRVal());

    /// return the transformed type for this rewrite
    virtual const LLType* type(Type* dty, const LLType* t) {
        return DtoUnpaddedStructType(dty);