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Make == for associative arrays test for equality, not identity. _aaEq was added to runtime/internal/aaA.d which forwards to TypeInfo_AssociativeArray.equals in genobj.d. On the codegen side, DtoAAEquals was added to gen/aa.cpp and is called from EqualExp::toElem in gen/toir.cpp. I assume that the frontend will produce an error if == is used on associative arrays of different type. This fixes DMD bug 1429.
author Christian Kamm <kamm incasoftware de>
date Sun, 21 Jun 2009 19:05:24 +0200
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#ifndef LDC_GEN_AA_H
#define LDC_GEN_AA_H

DValue* DtoAAIndex(Loc& loc, Type* type, DValue* aa, DValue* key, bool lvalue);
DValue* DtoAAIn(Loc& loc, Type* type, DValue* aa, DValue* key);
void DtoAARemove(Loc& loc, DValue* aa, DValue* key);
LLValue* DtoAAEquals(Loc& loc, TOK op, DValue* l, DValue* r);

#endif // LDC_GEN_AA_H